Road trip

Just got back from quite a trip. Points of interest (times in pacific):

Wednesday, 4am: arrived in San Diego to see my best friend through high school.

Wednesday, 6pm: arrived in Phoenix, saw Dbacks vs Astros. It was over 100 outside, but the stadium is air conditioned, and the concourses were almost mall-like. Vazquez fall apart in the 6th....

Wednesday, 10pm: found the Sigma Nu house -- the lone occupant was useless, so we wandered to a bar and played some pool. Once all the bars closed, we went back to the house, and were given an airconditioned room with 4 couches. Score.

Thursday 11am: Shot a .22 and a .38 at a shooting range. First time shooting handguns

Friday, 2am: arrived in Boulder. Some guy the previous night mentioned a really nice house at this chapter -- so we came. Too late at night though, we had to get a hotel room.

Friday, 12pm: toured the Coors Brewery, had a few free beers. went to Coors Field, but couldn't get in, so we watched baseball at a bar across the street. Made it to some more bars in Boulder, then crashed at a different hotel

Saturday, 2pm: made asses of ourselves at a driving range in Vail

Saturday, 4pm: white water rafting on the Colorado

Sunday morning: drove to Grand Canyon, then through Zion National Park -- ask to see pictures

Sunday night: Vegas, baby. Made around $200 playing blackjack, but lost $150 playing Craps... I realized that it was time to quit when I drunkenly doubled down on a 16, with the dealer showing 6. I drew a 3, and she busted -- but seriously stupid nonetheless.


Wikipedia has a entertaining list of Lame edit wars

My username was inspired the discovery of my faux deity, the Invisible Pink Unicorn

following dawestruck's lead:
   my Hater's Ball team managed to go hitless in their first 30 plate appearances last night (0/27, 3BB).
But all was not lost, as Ortiz's brief stint on my team netted me 2 hits, one went yard -- without the monster.